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She has done it again, and this time i believe worse. Kim Kardashian with Fiancé Kanye West out in France looking for a ‘fake chateau’ as a wedding spot. Which is honestly none of our business, they can marry wherever they like and i believe it will be an incredible wedding, our thing it’s: her outfit. She’s wearing a 2012 Balmain dress in pearls and sequins, which we LOVE, i believe it’s a great design, however not for every body type. We’re not saying she’s fat or overweight, she’s perfectly fine but that silhouette just doesn’t work for her, besides being too curvy she is not tall enough to give the dress space from the shoes, we just believe it’s a disaster, i just can’t think of why she’s not using the gorgeous bomb-shell dresses she used to wear, they were sexy, classy and way more flattering for her body type, Kim, if for any reason you get to read this ‘ go back to the curvy shape dresses’ We recommend Victoria Beckham’s or even Stella McCartney in navy or blue shades.

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I have merely five to six years interested in the fashion industry and about a year blogging about it, but i’m still old enough to remember some of the greatest collaborations h&m has done in the past, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli, Comme des Garçons, Lanvin, Versace, Marni and some others we weren’t particularly excited about, but still great. The only ones i had the chance to see in the flesh were Lanvin, Versace and Margiela, (which i didn’t buy any for several reasons). But speaking my mind out, i believe i was never been so excited with one of this collaborations until a few days ago. As usual, it was expected for h&m to team up with some very cool designer to create an awesome line, and i was expecting some good competitors, i was thinking Proenza Schouler, Rodarte and even Marc Jacobs, but this ladies and Gentlemans blowed my mind. ALEXANDER WANG, the 30 year old talented designer, has already been at the top of the game for his incredible designs, not to mention how much we LOVE BLACK clothes here at IVVANOV, we were just waiting for it and i believe we couldn’t be happier for any collaboration, thank you h&m for doing this, and thank you Alexander for accepting, we ( the poor fashionable people) are grateful! CONGRATULATIONS

Tengo aproximadamente de cinco a seis anos interesado en la industria de la moda y aproximadamente un ano bloggeando sobre ella, aun así soy lo suficientemente viejo para poder recordar algunas de las mejores colaboraciones que h&m ha hecho en el pasado, así como Lagerfeld, Cavalli, Comme Des Garçons, Lanvin, Versace, Marni, entre muchas otras por las que no estábamos tan emocionados, pero de igual manera excelentes. Las únicas que tuve la oportunidad de ver en persona fueron Lanvin, Versace y Margiela, ( en las que no compre nada por tantas razones diferentes.. sigh) Pero sacándolo de mi mente, creo que nunca estuve tan emocionado por una colaboración hasta hace unos cuantos días. Como es usual, se esperaba que este ano h&m tuviera una excelente colaboración con algún diseñador de moda,  estábamos esperando algo como Proenza Schouler, Rodarte y hasta Marc Jacobs,, pero damas y cabelleros, h&m sabia lo que yo quería antes de que yo lo supiera.
ALEXANDER WANG, el talentoso disenador de 30 anos, esta en la cima del juego por sus increíbles diseños, sin mencionar todo EN COLOR NEGRO, si supieran cuanto amamos la ropa negra aquí en IVVANOV, no podríamos estar mas felices por una colaboración, gracias a h&m y gracias a Alexander por aceptar, nosotros (la gente pobre-fashionista) estamos completamente agradecidos. FELICIDADES
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That’s right you guys, from now on IVVANOV will be also covering beauty and we are just so excited, we are teaming up with some incredible collaborators to create a beauty friendly blog, we will be doing product review, our thoughts on ‘em and basically the ones you can’t miss. We start off the beauty side of IVVANOV with great news . MAC Cosmetics will be teaming up with the super awesome Lazaro and Jack, the designers from PROENZA SCHOULER. We just love the colors and patterns from PS and we believe that those colors translated into a make up palette will be a must for every twenty-thirty-something girls out there. Here at IVVANOV we aren’t huge fans of mac since we love the lighter things and not so pigmented products, but we will sure love to give a try to this awesome collab, we can’t wait!

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So this is me in a sunday morning outfit, i wore this when i was in San Diego, shopping at urban outfitters and lunch at a delicious Mongolian restaurant, i was basically wearing Forever 21 jeans, a <can’t remember where i bought> shirt, my favorite sweatshirt from Banana Republic and just a pair of dirty Converse white sneakers.

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This time is in San Diego where we get this ‘red tee, bomber jacket and boots’ gentleman.
Jacket from forever 21, jeans from hot topic and American Eagle t-shirt.
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This is the second 'Tijuana street style' with my classmate and friend Martín, wearing an all black outfit, nike runners, jeans from forever 21 and a star wars film tee.

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first street style

I once said that in a few months i’ll started a little segment called ‘college street style’ but for one reason or another that never went through and i felt bad and all, but i did promise to myself that i would work hard to post street style from my city and arounds, but mainly focusing on Tijuana.

 A city with a lot of potencial and my beloved hometown, and i feel honored to be blogging about it and it’s street style which i’ll definitely try to represent properly and show that besides all the drama shown it’s a great place to be.

Although it’s a young place and fashion is still something that is growing it will eventually become big fashion-wise. Here i have the FIRST STREET STYLE POST of IVVANOV ever, and its featuring me ( i feel so self-centered right now) but hey it’s my blog and let’s see how this roll, let’s do it. Hope you all like it !

-Ives Ivanov.

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We can’t deny that kate moss is still one of the most perfect supermodels that this world will ever have, and she keeps proving it every time and every ad she can, for example this time, paired up with Alexander McQueen, as the face of their new collection, just watch and admired.

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