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Not only Lisa has shown us how to cover our pimples, getting ready to meet our exes and how to trick a hangover into a youthful glow, she has also work for Shiseido, Boots no.7 and most recently with Lancôme (not to mention her long list of famous clients
like Kate Moss and Keira Knightley) 

Now she is the writer of a book we are dying to read, "Face Paint, the story of makeup" where she'll be taking Makeup as a subject through the history like some of her videos where she talks about make up looks and products wore in past decades.

haven't read the book so i can't talk about it, however i can see the cover and it's amazing, I think it's colorful but not full of color if that makes sense, it's significant and subtle,  judging by the cover, this is a book i would love to have in my collection.

Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge will come out October 13th.

What do you guys think? ��

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After my long hiatus i had last year, i face another one, not even 5 posts to separate, i'm really sad not to be able to do this a regular basis, is just college has taken most of my "free time" while fitness, dieting, friendships, relationships and family, are also a handful of time. So by that I apologize, i will continue posting regularly, just give me some time and the posts will flow. Thanks to all of the ones who continue reading this boring a** blog, Thank you and Sorry.

Let's see how long this lasts !

-Ives Ivan

pd. I posted the long waited ( at least for me) Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair review.
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At age 21 still have very bad acne, and not the kind that leaves gracefully, this one leaves scars all over my skin, particularly in the lower-cheeks area, basically the “beard acne”. I’ll tell you my story.

I’ve been trying to get rid of it by all ways possible. I tried the natural remedies such as rubbing lemon and using home-made masks with honey and oatmeal, but it just doesn’t seem to do anything but to soften my skin (which i love) but nothing for my scarring.

After seeing that ‘natural’ wasn’t working well enough, i decided to go to Clinique, seeking for help. I was introduced to the ‘ Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector’. (which was around 100 dlls)
after using it everyday for a month, the only change i saw was how my red scarring was turning colors into purple. I don’t know if it was supposed to happen but it did.  Besides breaking me out like crazy I decided to leave it.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Aquaphor for everything basically, so I found out that Eucerin had a anti pigment product for only like 30 dlls. I needed to buy it. Long story short, broke me out worst than Clinique even better. By this moment I lost most of my hopes for this type of anti-pigment products, they only make it worst.

YEARS LATER after trying bunch of idiotic products that didn’t work. I saw the Neutrogena rapid tone repair commercial, and i was kind of interested, but due to my past problems with alike products, i decided to give it a NO NO. But there I was few weeks later at a Texas CVS looking for something to make my skin prettier and I stumble upon the  Neutrogena section, the Rapid tone repair moisturizer was only 22 dlls, so i say WHY NOT?

And that ‘why not’ ladies and gentleman’s, seriously improved my life. I first test it on my jaw line so i could see if i was gonna hate or love this product. Surprisingly next morning found out that it didn’t broke me out. I was so excited and started to use it all over my face. The results were AMAZING.

I know you’re not supposed to believe everything a commercial says but for the first time in a long time a product accomplished everything it promised. The scars in my skin have really start to disappear and overall improved the condition of my skin,  now is glowy and dewy most of the times  I just LOVE this product. 

I found out it works greatly fast on new scars and it really fades the old ones. this product is worth giving a try.

VERDICT: I would recommend to a friend, I would purchase the whole line and definitely will continue using.


i have sensitive dry skin, everything breaks me out and I have fair skin.
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Our feelings about Kim are… questionable, sometimes we just love her, I mean she has the coolest iPhone game, her make up is always impeccably done and she has the COOLEST TV show. And she crops North off her pictures, you just gotta love her. But her fashion choices are sometimes not our favorites, and all that publicity she gets sometimes it gets annoying. However we LOVE KIM and either you love her or hate her, she just land a cover for VOGUE Australia. What do YOU think?

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TIFFANY & CO Launches Same Sex Ad.

Every girl in the world that has seen breakfast at tiffany’s or at least recognize those cute blue boxes know what of an important company Tiffany is and what a fantasy that represents. But Tiffany’s did something let’s say innovative this time around.

Tiffany featured a same-sex couple in it’s website ad. ‘Nowadays, the road of marriage is no longer linear, and true love can happen more than once with love stories coming in a variety of forms’ said Linda Buckley. VP of North American PR. to

And a little surprise from part of tiffany’s is that the models in the ad, are not actually models, they are one gorgeous couple from New York City..

We are glad that Tiffany’s as well as other brands have already support this cause, making it seem like it’s something completely natural, because it is.

This year is going in the perfect right direction 


Todas las personas en el mune que han visto 'Breakfast at Tiffany's o al menos reconozcan esas lindas cajas de color azul, reconocen la importancia de la compañía y la fantasia que esta representa, pero esta vez Tiffany hizo algo, 'innovador' por así decirlo.

Por primera vez la compañía creó un anuncio de una pareja homosexual que se presento en su sitio web. ''Ahora las direcciones del matrimonio ya no son lineares, y el amor verdadero puede llegar mas de una vez en una variedad de formas'' Dijo Linda Buckley, Vice presidenta de RP de Tiffany's Norte America a

Y una sorpresa mas de parte de Tiffany's, es que los modelos en el anuncio, en realidad no son modelos, son una linda pareja de la Ciudad de Nueva York.

Estamos satisfechos de que Tiffany's y otras marcas comiencen a apoyar esta ucase y hacerla ver como algo completamente natural, porque lo es.

Este año va en la dirección correcta. 
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Our favorite makeup artist and of course the best youtube guru Lisa Eldridge, has now become the Global Makeup Creative Director of none other than Lancôme. 

Lisa Eldridge is well known make up artist, either for working with big brands like Chanel Beauty, or Boots No.7 Which was the creative director for an entire decade (2003-2013) and now the gorgeous British Lady has announce over her youtube channel in a video named 
‘New Year News!’ Happily being the newest ‘MAKE UP CREATIVE DIRECTOR’

Lisa has been in the beauty industry for years, having clients like Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet and much others, but her true media relevance, came when she open up her blog and Youtube Channel, where she shows about everything that’s done in the beauty backstage industry. But also little chit-chats and helpful videos where she talks about what make up to use when your meeting your ex or helpful tips on how to treat with PMS.

We are certainly excited since I believe Lancôme is a great brand that mothers use, but still bring nothing innovative to the table, and now with this young and fresh face, we’re hoping to see great stuff coming out from this brand. Congratulations Lisa, and thank you for helping us with that pimples we wanted to cover so badly. 

2015, you’re starting preeeety well! 

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I would like to apologize to all of those who follow this blog for not posting consistently, i feel truly sorry about it, there have been just too many factors, such as college projects, travel, and other opportunities that i'll be explaining with the time, and all the experiences that i've been through lately. I've been so lucky and I recently learned that you have to take the opportunities and stick to them until you get what you want.

I would love to start this new year posting regularly again (and sure i will). But now focusing mainly on street style and beauty. Alongside with tips and tricks for the audience, and once in a while posting favorites, such as in products, fashion, films, books and music. The plan is making this blog something very friendly, where you can come for any makeup question, or if you want to know how to pair up a trend, the idea is to make it very homey. This are the upcoming plans for IVVANOV and we plan on really keeping it up this year.

Thanks for reading, waiting and hopefully you have a great christmas and a happy new year!
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So there have been recent images flowing on the internet this week (NYFW) with small sneak peeks of the so long waited collection, and so far so good, we are seeing a lot (LOT) of black and gray (which is fantastic for me) and of course for autumn and winter time, besides one of the incredible things i found about black oriented collections is that you can wear that season after season, black is just such a timeless and season-less color that allow us to wear it no matter what. However after the few sneak peeks i’ve seen a lot of ‘sporty’ items that have been catching my eye, like the entire collection is going straight on sport (unlucky me that i’m the less sporty person ever) <>  and if you are just like me and dislike most sports and don’t do gym regularly, you can always catch the accessories to make your look more cool and new york relaxed outfit. No more to discuss here are the previews of the collection.

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I’m not exactly sure what’s been up lately since i took myself a little vocational period to procrastinate, i was just fulfilling my wish of doing absolutely nothing but watch horror movies and drink ice tea with this insane west coast heat, however i’m back and i’ll be talking about some recent Alfred Hitchock fascination about blondes. Not regular blondes but blondes with short hair almost a bob, everything started with my obsession with the ‘chandelier’ music video by the singer Sia, which i’m in love with, and at the same time with i was like i said fulfilling my wish of watching movies, and one of them was Scream, the first one, where at the beginning of the movie has one of the most iconic blonde bob in horror cinema. But all together got settled when the incredible Lena Dunham turned her short brown hair, into a platinum blonde bob, i just couldn’t believe it, it was true love of hair. Here the pictures of my current obsession in another one’s head.

Lena Dunham showing her recent hair change. 

Drew Barrymore as Casey Becker in  Scream (1996)

Maddie Ziegler dancing  in Chandelier's video by Sia.

pd. my vocational period is over now, so i’ll be blogging regularly again, i’m deeply sorry for keeping this so little updated, i’ll be back with the street style soon. xo


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