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So there have been recent images flowing on the internet this week (NYFW) with small sneak peeks of the so long waited collection, and so far so good, we are seeing a lot (LOT) of black and gray (which is fantastic for me) and of course for autumn and winter time, besides one of the incredible things i found about black oriented collections is that you can wear that season after season, black is just such a timeless and season-less color that allow us to wear it no matter what. However after the few sneak peeks i’ve seen a lot of ‘sporty’ items that have been catching my eye, like the entire collection is going straight on sport (unlucky me that i’m the less sporty person ever) <>  and if you are just like me and dislike most sports and don’t do gym regularly, you can always catch the accessories to make your look more cool and new york relaxed outfit. No more to discuss here are the previews of the collection.

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VENICE Film Festival 2014


I wouldn’t normally pick someone with this kind of dress for this kind of event, i would more likely go for something like Alessandra Ambrosio’s dress, or Felicity Jones in Miu Miu. But my choose for this one, was not particularly because of the dress, but for the whole essence of the outfit all put together. Charlotte Gainsbourg wearing Anthony Vaccarello black leather dress. Her outfit was the best out of all because not only she looked stunning in it at 43, but she kept truth to her personal style and we all love to see that in a artist. She was perfection just as in one of our favorites at Venice Film Festival; Nymph()maniac.

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YES! Just as we read on the tittle, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet are the new Faces for the h&m Holiday Campaign,  The big news were shared by Gaga on her instagram account and we are all very excited to hear this.  I’m still not know how to react to this news and still not knowing any thing from Alexander Wang’s collaboration yet. ( we’ll have to wait until Nov 6th)  However i’m so excited to see Gaga and Bennet working together, once again, or as Tony says; Cheek to Cheek. 
Wait for it this winter!

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I’m not exactly sure what’s been up lately since i took myself a little vocational period to procrastinate, i was just fulfilling my wish of doing absolutely nothing but watch horror movies and drink ice tea with this insane west coast heat, however i’m back and i’ll be talking about some recent Alfred Hitchock fascination about blondes. Not regular blondes but blondes with short hair almost a bob, everything started with my obsession with the ‘chandelier’ music video by the singer Sia, which i’m in love with, and at the same time with i was like i said fulfilling my wish of watching movies, and one of them was Scream, the first one, where at the beginning of the movie has one of the most iconic blonde bob in horror cinema. But all together got settled when the incredible Lena Dunham turned her short brown hair, into a platinum blonde bob, i just couldn’t believe it, it was true love of hair. Here the pictures of my current obsession in another one’s head.

Lena Dunham showing her recent hair change. 

Drew Barrymore as Casey Becker in  Scream (1996)

Maddie Ziegler dancing  in Chandelier's video by Sia.

pd. my vocational period is over now, so i’ll be blogging regularly again, i’m deeply sorry for keeping this so little updated, i’ll be back with the street style soon. xo


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make-up 01

summer essentials

Summer is here and so is the first make-up related post on IVVANOV which we are really excited about. We would like to show you OUR favorites for the summer and our explanation why are they must haves for the season.

I came across this foundation after hearing over and over how great it was, so i decided to try it on, and i believe i couldn’t ever make a better decision. This foundation is the best you can do to your skin since it’s water based it will make your complexion look flawless but still make it feel like you have nothing on, perfect for oily or dry skin, it is on the pricey side ($45) but still worth it, i would repurchase over and over.

I discovered this gem over youtube beauty gurus, and i was looking for a new concealer since the one i previously used dried out my under eye area very bad. The moment i tried this it was perfection, since this concealer is extra creamy and does not dry out at all, it’s super blend-able and it’s my perfect match, it’s worth the 29 dlls.
-SAMMARA SLY; @firstlostgirl

I think the product i couldn’t live without is lipstick, and red lipstick is my biggest obsession.  I found this lipstick accidentally on a counter and decided to buy it, since i own a collection of at least  10 red lipsticks, one more for 7 dollars wouldn’t hurt, it looked extremely red on the package but once applied on the lips the color is rather red with orange hue which i found perfect for summer and one of the plus about this lipstick is that it applies very smooth and never dry out my lips.
ZULEIMA ORTEGA: @zuleima_ortega

I got this from my mom, and i could use it over and over, it’s so smooth on my eyelids and it’s completely blend-able, the colors are fantastic, the packaging is so cute and if i ever mess up it will clean easily with a little tissue, i could go with this 5 colors forever.
LUISA BRAVO @braavoluisa

I’ve been addicted to eyeliner forever, but recently it has been all about my brows. I don’t use a pencil liner because they are way too harsh so lately i’ve been using a brow powder, my favorite is NYX eyebrow cake powder, some eyeliner, mascara and i’m out the door, 6 dollars well spent.
EMMY FONSECA @emmymfonseca

I discover this mascara thanks to a free sample from Sephora and from there on i fell in love with it. I alternate between a more natural mascara named prosa, and this benefit one, i love it because i definitely love the way it separate my lashes but lefts no clumps at all. I would totally recommend this to a friend because it worths the 23 dollars price.
MARIELLA PEREZ @mariella_pg

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We Are Back

Hello to all my dear readers out there. First things first, i would like to apologize for all this time i haven’t been posting and writing in here, it’s been forever. I have been under so many things lately; college finals, a documental, a breakup and a never ending job hunt. But all of them have left a scar on me, not necessarily on my heart but on my face, when I’m under stress i tend to have more pimples than usual, which tend to leave a scar, which sucks. But thankfully i am here, with nothing to regret. Three of the four already mention activities are already done, i’m still on the job hunt which is going kinda good, i already had a callback from a coffee shop which looks promising, so let’s hope for the best. However talking back on the blog and the fashion side, I’m thrill to start writing again because im basically ready to start all over, and continue writing  and posting great looks from college or street, as you guys also know IVVANOV is going through some changes. Well, i wouldn’t say something is about to change, but we’re adding the BEAUTY section which will be about our favorite products, our favorite looks and our favorite people with makeup. Our thing is to make this blog as relatable as possible, and trying to make it the best that it can be. Thank you for hanging around while we do nothing.


IVES IVANOV and my new pimple.

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Marsden Hospital Gala

Royalty + Royalty

¿Can you imagine a room with Emma Watson, Cara Delevingne, Cate Blanchett, Kate Moss and the Prince William, all together at the same place? Well you don’t have to…These four ladies among other celebrities like Helena Bonham-Carter and Margot Robbie where Prince William guests for his benefice dinner alongside Ralph Lauren in the Windsor Castle, on favour of the Royal Marsden Hospital. Here’s what they wore.
and BEST DRESSED goes to CATE BLANCHETT, with this flawless Ralph Lauren White Dress, jewelry also from Ralph Lauren. Emma Watson Wins runner up with a (very Carolina Herrera look ) white shirt and grey skirt, also from Ralph Lauren.

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Audrey Hepburn

Today, 85 years ago, Audrey Hepburn was born, my favorite actress from those beautiful classical movies. I remember seeing her first in ‘charade’ had no clue who she was, i was too young to recognize actresses. Second time was ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and believe me guys, from that movie on, the face and name, was just imposible to forget, she was an incredible actress, she was beautiful, stunning, she was and still is one of the biggest fashion icons ever, she is still topping in the most iconic dresses ever worn, but besides that she was an incredible person, real, down to earth, humanitarian and a beautiful person,  always willing to help the one who needed it. For that and for always bringing smiles to our faces while watching her movies, CONGRATULATIONS AUDREY HEPBURN 85 years later Thank you for all the movies and the fashion legacy you have left, but it will live forever.
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Lorde’s Mac Collection

LORDE+MAC collection is almost here and we are so excited, even though i personally don’t wear purple lipstick, or lipstick, or lip liner, the collection looks great, past thursday we got to see the first products so far and the first promotional image, it starts up with a purple-radiant orchid- as in the color of the year, with the name of ‘heroine’ and a much darker also purple nearly black ‘cyber’. Don’t forget about the lip liner named ‘vino’ that looks like a burgundy without being too purple or too pinkish. The line so far looks great and we’re sure we’d be love to see this kind of colors out there in the city.

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